About Us

Our lab specializes in applying computational modeling and statistical thermodynamics to problems at the interface of medicine/biology and engineering. Main research areas are Biomolecular machines and motors, Computational Simulation and Modeling, Molecular Dynamics, Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics, Food Drying, Drug design, and Protein physics, dynamics and engineering.

News and Announcements

TUBITAK 2501- Joint Research Program with National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded to Mert Gur.

PRACE 24th Call project grant awarded to Mert Gur.

TUBITAK National Outstanding Researchers Programme fellowship awarded to Mert Gur.

The Science Academy Young Scientist Awards Program (BAGEP) awarded to Mert Gur!

Our paper was published in "Science".

COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium international grant awarded to Mert Gur

Our proposal was awarded PRACE Distributed European Computing Initiative (DECI)-17 program grant

Our paper about the Omicron variant was deposited to bioRxiv

Our paper was accepted for publication in Journal of Thermal Science and Technology.

Our paper was published in Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling.

Our paper was accepted for publication in The Journal of Physical Chemistry B

Another massive grant awarded to Mert Gür in fight against the New Coronavirus

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