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Our lab specializes in applying computational modeling and statistical thermodynamics to problems at the interface of medicine/biology and engineering. Main research areas are Biomolecular machines and motors, Computational Simulation and Modeling, Molecular Dynamics, Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics, Food Drying, Drug design, and Protein physics, dynamics and engineering.

News and Announcements

Mert Gur has been awarded the NVIDIA GPU Grant

Our paper “Thermodynamic First Law Efficiency of Membrane Proteins” was accepted for publication in JBSD

Our paper was accepted for publication in NATURE

Our paper was accepted for publication in TURK J C

Mert GÜR participated 6th International BAU Drug Design Congress as an invited speaker

Our paper was accepted for publication in JCP

Our paper titled " Molecular dynamics simulations of site point mutations in the TPR domain of cyclophilin 40 identify conformational states with distinct dynamic and enzymatic properties " by Mert Gur1, Elizabeth A. Blackburn2, Jia Ning3, Vikram Narayan3, Kathryn L. Ball3, Malcolm D. Walkinshaw2, and Burak Erman4 has been accepted for publication in Jorunal of Chemical Physics.
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